Cross-border, Fiser

Fiser logistics technology is to provide comprehensive cross-border trade services to well-known enterprises, for cross-border business customers to provide advanced intelligent logistics warehouses and services.


In order to improve the comprehensive strength of warehousing services, Fiser involved cross-border electrical warehouse which located in Anhui Province. Warehouse area of about 5,000 square meters, the number of robots into 30, the number of 700 shelves. The warehouse is used to fulfill the order of the cross-border electricity business, SKU category for the daily necessities and food. The implementation of the entire robot system is no more than 3 months. When the system started official operation, the picking efficiency of each station 300-400 units / hour. Robot picking area of the station directly docking transmission line, the delivery of orders will be delivered directly to the packaging area, to speed up the overall operating speed.


■ Increased Productivity, a station can achieve 400-500 units /hour

■ Improve picking accuracy up to 99.99%

■ Reduce labor cost, robotic warehouse save 70% labor than before.

■ Optimize work flow to reduce human intervention.

■ Innovative product application, assist brand marketing effectively


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